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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Toilet malfunction

A fabulous story reaches me about a toilet malfunction in one of Stornoway's most salubrious licensed establishments.

The Clachan Bar, a long time haunt of fishermen, drunks, underagers, drunk fishermen, women for whom the low intensity lighting is a blessing, drunk underagers fishermen, and Stornoway's foremost live music venue for youngsters, was rebuilt following a devastating fire in April 2003.

It appears that during the renovation, some of the sewerage services were accidentally blocked or never connected, and consequently have been backing up for some time. The patrons and staff have been noticing a smell that was getting worse for some time, other than that emanating from some of the patrons, but it was put down to the pipes backing up at high tide - the same problem as the Crown often faces.

Initial investigations discovered that the sewage had been seeping under the floorboards, but further investigations found that the sewage had been backing up in the cavity wall, and I was told that it had reached "as high as the jukebox on the wall".

This whole scenario prompts all sorts of questions. I did notice that the downstairs public was closed yesterday and the upstairs bar was - unusually - open. A massive insurance claim will no doubt follow, but it gives a whole new meaning to the expression "a shit pub".

Journalists: read the copyright notice at the bottom of the page, before you lift this as an "exclusive". ;-)

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