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Friday, July 06, 2007

100 days

For some reason 100 days is seen as a key milestone. Politicians have only themselves to blame for creating such an arbitrary checkpoint which bears no relation to anything.

Salmond to quit as MP having not spoken in the House of Commons for 100 days? Did no-one see this coming? It's a PR shambles which could - and should - have been easily avoided.

Having been caught claiming an MPs salary (£60,000) as well as an MSPs (£53,000) as well as the First Ministers salary, Alex is munificently going to give up the MSPs salary (£77,000), which is lower than an MPs.

Nice work if you can get it.

The quote that, "Mr Salmond's office insist both sets of constituents knew his intention was to become first minister, which it said is his priority", is insulting to his constituents and a cack-handed indication that he doesn't intend to return to Westminster, despite drawing a salary.

No wonder the public despise politicians.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that before the Scottish elections, Mr Salmond vowed to quit as an MP immediately should he be elected as an MSP. He's now saying that he will wait until there is a general election.
He has just proven that he is just a money grabbing and self serving, politician like all the rest. What a great example to set for the new government.
Call me a cynic but why has he chosen to keep the Westminster salary rather than the MSP one? Is it because it is higher or just that it is paid for by the UK rather than Scotland.
Someone had better tell him that he's going to need more than £60k to pay for all his empty promises and lies.

Anonymous said...

sunny side up - i notice you must be a very upright citizen - may i enquire what you do for a living?

Anonymous said...

"Call me a cynic...

You're a cynic.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that I am, but only after doing hard graft as an optimist!

Anonymous said...

i hope you will withdraw this commentin light of Mr Salmond's latest announcement....

Angus said...


I still want to know why it took so long for him to understand the rules, and why he allowed himself to be backed into a corner before making this announcement.

Were I a cynic I might suggest that this money was to be used to benefit his constituents, so it is not altogether altruistic. However, I congratulate him on his cheek and bravado in turning necessity into a virtue.

Of course, if the Trust becomes registered as a charity, Alex will benefit from the tax relief on his donation, which will be worth another £3,000 to him, dropping the net cost to £15,000.