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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A burst of activity

Far be it for this blog to claim the credit for the sudden burst of press releases by Mr MacNeil and Mr Allan which have appeared in this weeks Gazette, on Isles FM, and nowhere else, but ....

One interesting fact is that the three articles in the Gazette were all the work of Donnie MacInnes, husband of the Chairwoman of the Western Isles SNP and organiser of the election campaigns for both Mr MacNeil and Mr Allan.

However, I am sure that the Gazette management have no problem with such relationships, and are happy to allow this incestuous reporting to continue.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the SNP can't win, eh?

When they don't issue press releases the complaint is that their politicians aren't doing anything.

When they do issue press releases their are accusations of incest.

Does it not seem sensible that ABM and AA would send press releases to the local newspaper? Or that one of the Gazette's news reporters would follow up on them?

What did you expect? The press release to be sent to the Sunderland Echo. Or the Gazette's sports editor to follow up on the press releases? Get real.

Are you going to comment on what was actually in the press releases?

Anonymous said...

I would love to comment on what was in the press releases.

The first that I read was something to do with Broadbay Medical Practice but after that the point that the article was trying to make is unclear. The only thing that I can glean from it is that Broadbay are trying to get more funding from an already strapped for cash Health Board. What is this money for is not clear, maybe to line the pockets of our already overpaid and underworked GPs. I would also like to understand why Broadbay (AA's own practice by his own admission) is hitting the spotlight, what about all the other medical practices across the Islands?

The second article is AA just confirming that £52m of cash that was promised by the previous government is still coming our way. I should bloody well think so bearing in mind the front page article detailing how half our schools have "major defects". My question (and AA's too should be) is £52m enough?

The third article from ABM is laughable. He is asking for an "independent review" on the future of broadband connections in the Western Isles. Well that is too little too late. The concerns around the speed of rollout of Connected Communities and the price have been around as long as ABM and yet it has taken him 2 years to ask for a review. Why is he trying to undermine a public sector project and some would claim success story to the benefit of a large corporate company who won't bring anything to the Islands. I would also ask who is going to be carrying out this "independent review" and at what cost. Is it just another way of saying public enquiry. A way of looking as if you are looking into something without actually delivering any conclusions for a very long time.

The articles themselves were very poorly written, repetative and difficult to follow.

So yet again, nothing achieved apart from a lot of hot air and no actual results.

No the SNP did win unfortunately and this is the drivel that we have to read as a result.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Thanks Angus, this 'controversial' post made my evening!

Anon's comment wasn't far off the mark. You must have a presbyterian streak in you, Angus, never happy until you're miserable, or at least trying to create 'controversy' from simple (and good news) press releases. Lighten up, for Lewis's sake...didn't we have enough misery under NuLabour?

And as for 'sunny side up':
"The articles themselves were very poorly written, repetative and difficult to follow."

Hahaha! Please, at least learn to spell before you criticise the writing of others.

Anonymous said...

Eyoop on form again. Attacking anyone who doesn't see things his way and anyone who isn't as "educated" as himself.
I didn't realise that there was now a law against people having an opinion who can't spell every word in the dictionary.
Is this what they teach you in the SNP? You should look a bit closer to home as many of your press releases are dire.
I would like to know what good news came out of any of the SNP gazette articles today? What has been achieved from this week's SNP activity?

Anonymous said...

Bitter lemon anyone?

madrudhach said...

As someone who wrote to the Gazette on a number of occasions asking if anyone could tell me 5 things our MP has done for the benefit of the Islands. They refused to print a letter I asked to at the time of the election as it was becoming repetitive. When I challenged them on this “that it was not as repetitive as the anti-windfarm letters week after week for the past 6 years” they still refused to print it. Alas when I want to have a letter printed now I have to go to the WHFP. At least with the Free Press they admit to being a Labour supporting newspaper but the Gazette refuse to admit they are an SNP supporting newspaper. Take for instance a negative story like this week’s article on the poor conditions of our schools. Not a mention from our MP or MSP. Had this been six months ago it would have been ABM and AA said this is a disgrace and the Labour led executive will have to do something about it. Now that they are in power not an iota from them.

Anonymous said...

The Gazette is a piece of SNP propoganda and nothing else. They don't report but are fed stories and don't even bother to investigate the truth. Unfortunately, those who have no other access to any other opinion or commentary believe it and dare I say rely on it to tell them what is going on up here.
I think you may find that is why we have ended up with our two useless elected politicians.

Anonymous said...

Assuming all the anon's are different contributors - the following notes.
anon 6.24: Good comment.
s s up : Reasonable comment,shame about the bile.
eyoop: Quite right. there is nothing more annoying than finding people who have gone all the way through our educational system and still unable (or unwilling) to spell properly.
anon 7.45: Sad sad bile. Are you Alasdair M? Or binny?
Madrubhach; Name 5 things AlMo did. Or 5 of Calum's wonderful deeds. Let's make it easy, name 5 deeds by Malcolm MacMillan (there are 35 years worth to trawl in this one - just don't mention the sweetie shop).
Anon 10.09: At the moment both the Gazette and WHFP are letting the Highlands and Islands down with their poor quality reportage. It is particularly embarrassing when a local paper cannot even bring itself to mention local elected members because they are not members of the particular party the papers owner supports.
Finally Angus: how many years were you campaigning for the SNP? It is sad that you seem so happy to stand on the outside criticising every local activist (for that is how it comes across) when you surely still share many of the political views of your former party colleagues. Why did you happily accept your expulsion without so much as an appeal? Is it because you want to be some kind of martyr?