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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Zonal Pricing

Good news from the deep dark recesses of a quango..

Postcomm, the independent regulator for postal services, has announced that it is proposing to reject Royal Mail’s application to charge large mailers – using products which are not part of the universal service – different prices depending on where in the UK their mail is delivered (Royal Mail calls this zonal pricing).

Postcomm will issue a consultation document in August that will set out in detail why it is proposing to reject Royal Mail’s application. However, in the interests of reducing market uncertainty, the regulator is making this announcement today.

Nigel Stapleton, Postcomm chairman, said:

“We are proposing to reject Royal Mail’s application mainly because it has put forward a pricing structure that appears to have a number of discriminatory features and would have been introduced in a way that would lead to unreasonable changes for customers.

It looks like the Universal Service Obligation is safe - for the time being.


Anonymous said...

a lucky escape...

Anonymous said...

a general election in the very near future??

madrudhach said...

Thanks to Danny Alexander, Donald J Macsween and partly to yourself Angus for making people aware of this.

Oh where was our MP when all this was going on. By the way Angus did you notice in the weekly SNP newsletter otherwise known as the Stornoway Gazette our MP believes he is a Scottish minister now. Oh the ego has landed. He will never see the day when he will be a Scottish minister.