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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Western Isles Health Board

What a depressing report in in this week's Stornoway Gazette about the overspend at the Western Isles Health Board - or is it underfunding?

Now the BBC reports that there will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of the plans. This crisis has been brewing for years and the latest event are only the latest manifestation of the problems.

Let's translate some of the management phrases used:
They sayThey mean
No compulsory redundanciesVacancies will go unfilled
Cash shortages is now the Board's 'highest priority'How do we page the wages?
'Potentially serious consequences'We might lose our jobs
'Potentially serious consequences'Merger with Highland Health Board is on the cards
'Potentially serious consequences'Does not mean - care might be affected
Change the shape of servicesRestructuring
We have three different models of serviceWe are trying anything, and it's not working
This is not about cutsThis IS all about cuts
Give reassurance to both the Board and our stakeholdersWhat do we tell the staff and patients?

It's clear that - just as in Uist - the Western Isles Hospital will become a waiting room for Raigmore and other mainland hospitals.

I know that I speak for many others when I say that any suggestion to remove the autonomy of the Health Board will be bitterly fought by the public.


Anonymous said...

And yet again, where are our MP and MSP?

Anonymous said...

"And yet again, where are our MP and MSP?"

Well, if they read all the comments you make on this blog, they won't have much time to do anything else!

Anonymous said...

No mention of the medal winners from the island games in Rhodes on your blog, including the lassie who won a GOLD medal. Your ability to pick up on negative stories is amazing. I guess you don't do 'good news' Angus...

madrudhach said...

Well noticed anonymous 5:37. Over the last year before he was elected all we heard from our MSP was the need for a public enquiry. Why I remember at the Isles FM hustings that he would be pushing for an enquiry going back to was it 2002 or 2000. Well not a word since then. I have also noticed all the negative stories in the gazette and there is never a quote from the MP or MSP. I did notice that the MP was asking the minister for rural affairs regarding the £10m how much were the poor crofters going to get. Of course he states that he is a poor crofter. Well I hope he is a better crofter than he is an MP. "Mind you he was photographed in a national newspaper burying one of his sheep so maybe he is just as bad at crofting."

Anonymous said...

There was a very interesting article in yesterday's Herald, intimating that all the SNP politicians are effectively puppets of Alex Salmond and can't / don't do or say anything to challenge his authority. It is so obvious up here that our MP and MSP are yes men for Mr Salmond, don't have minds of their own and don't seem to be able to think for themselves. Maybe they just aren't smart enough to know what to say or do. Either way, there are very many major issues that need addressing urgently and the two people who should be doing something are invisible.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17. I think you will find that Angus picks topical issues that need some debate and thought.
If all we had to rely on was the Gazette and their non-reporting, none of us would know what was going on.

Anonymous said...

eyoop, have you any defence of the inactions of MP/MSP or do you just want the criticism to stop? If the later, then persuade them to actually do something for their vast fat salary.

Anonymous said...
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