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Sunday, July 01, 2007

FoT becomes FoG

I hadn't posted about the new Cabinet Team, mainly as I was finding it difficult to find any rationale in the big picture.

Then it struck me, Gordon Brown is trying to hard by attempting to bring in outsiders to show his 'inclusiveness' and 'how different he is' from he ol'whatshisname, Toby Blur, who used to occupy the job.

The 'outsiders' are - by and large - the ultimate insiders in every context except active party politics, and what we have is Friends of Gordon replacing Friends of Tony, and boy, the two circles barely overlap.

It's not even first team and second team (or vice versa) but more like Peoples Front for the Liberation of Judea vs the Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea, or even two ferrets having a quick barney in a sack.

If here is an up-side, then we now have a Chancellor who is Lewis through and through*. Is that a good thing, and will it have any benefit for the islands? Only time will tell, but watch out for the security men in the Timsgarry shop.

Timsgarry Shop
* This detail seem to have disappeared from the web, probably for security reasons. I have met him on the Harris ferry, which he preferred to going via Ullapool.

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Anonymous said...

?? There's plenty about Owly and his Trumpesque island connections (his mom is from Lewis) online.

Likes pottering around the west side of Lewis in boats; he's also been spotted on and off the ferries a fair bit.