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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Calmac Directors

Cal Mac ferryHow often are they vilified for not being in touch with the local community, whether it is in support of Sunday sailings or opposed?

Calmac will (hopefully!) face some fundamental changes to it's operation over the next few years, with (almost) RET, the end of the commercial tendering process (?) and new pressures from island communities.

The current board of directors can be seen here, but the Executive plan to appoint two new directors. If you want to be considered, get your applications in by 20 August. I don't know who is standing down, or whose term has come to an end, but it is surely an opportunity to bring some fresh blood on board. Perhaps the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Transport Committee on the Comhairle could be persuaded to put their names forward?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why are CalMac so desperate to agree on a Lewis Sunday Sailing only if its a request from the Council/Heb festival/anyone. Dont think the Leverburgh/Uist ferry was requested by anyone, quite the opposite they (Calmac) just went ahead and did it, if I recall correctly. So basically are they a bunch os spineless suits who dodn't want the church wagging its finger at them? is that the reason?