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Friday, July 27, 2007

RET (again!)

I read that Alasdair Allan is lobbying the Transport Minister on the issue of RET to the islands. Good for him.

BUT, why should he have to lobby on an election promise? Is there some suggestion that RET isn't going to happen, or is being watered down? Or is it just that the 'study' actually kicking the issue into the long grass?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if, as I hear, the Scottish Govt are going to proceed with the tender process which will, in all likelyhood, lead to Calmac Ferries Ltd. being awarded the contract to run ferries for the next 5 or 6 years then adjustments to fares can only be made when preparing tenders for the next contract to start in 2012 or 2013. This would mean that the next election campaign would have a promise of implementing the outcomes of the study done in the meantime (which will probably not be published in June 2011) leaving the islanders (all around Scotland - not just the Western Isles) having paid their full road tax (the same amount as anyone in the central belt) but still being held to ransom to access the trunk route network.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh you cynic! Are you suggesting that promises might not be kept, and that we may have been mislead when we voted SNP?

ABM and AA hung out to dry by their own party?

Anonymous said...

Promises are for election campaigns
Reality is for government
It was ever thus

Did anyone hear Donald Manford and DJ MacSween on the wireless the other day? I'm afraid I had a lie in that day but have been told they discussed RET. DM was in favour of some sort of ferry fare which reflected the cost of driving the equivalent distance. DJ wants all fares abolished as he sees them as tolls and the govt are in the process of doing away with tolls.
I have to agree with Donald Manford on this one because although you pay a bridge toll you still have to drive the distance to other end of the bridge. When you pay a ferry fare you park up and are taken the distance to the other end - no fuel used. no wear and tear. To abolish fares completely would be subsidising the travellers and Europe would not like that!

Unknown said...

Couple of things;

Firstly the executive has no choice but to COMPLETE the tender process once it has started the current executive didn't start the tender process but they DO have to complete it.

Secondly, given the cost of improving and maintaining roads across the Hebrides I think that the combined road taxes of the Hebrides probably wouldn't even cover the maintenance costs on the roads we do have never mind the rolling upgrade programme which is going on along the spinal route.

Anonymous said...

5penny - since when has it been cynical to suggest promises might not be kept-it is run of the mill now!