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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Welcome to Stornoway

Museum nan Eilean - just beside my house - is a place I visit too infrequently. Like most residents of Stornoway, the 'tourist attractions' are passed by every day without am second thought.

The museum has a huge range of artefacts from the islands, showing the heritage and archaeology that we take for granted. It as recently held exhibitions on paintings of Lewis with some pictures released from the National Museum of Scotland; and another exhibition tries to explain to visitors what local life was really like.

All of this is perfectly timed with Time Team working in Barra in a programme to be shown later in the year. The recent discovery of a souterrain in North Uist helps to open an new marketing opportunity for the islands, by attracting another segment of the tourism market.

Next week is the Hebridean Celtic Festival and with schools breaking up and the tourist season really starting, which genius thought of this ........Museum nan Eilean closed


Anonymous said...

you were still a councillor Angus when it went through the committee stages with much debate.

Angus said...

thank you sy(n). As I was not a member of the Arts & Leisure Committee I obviously failed to pick this up. It wasn't discussed at full Council, when it could have been overturned, so it wasn't that hot a topic!

However, I'll take the blame, but that still doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

Beyond belief, The lunatics have really taken over the asylum.

Angus said...

Arts & Leisure Committee 6/2/07:-

The Director for Sustainable Communities submitted a Report detailing the implications for the operation the Stornoway Museum arising out of the approved DDA work and seeking approval for the programme detailed in the Report.

It was agreed to recommend that a Report be submitted to the next meeting of the Committee:

(1)detailing the precise nature of the work to be carried out at the Museum in order to comply with Disability Discrimination legislation;

(2)addressing issues in relation to the potential length of time the Museum would be closed to the public for improvement works and seeking ways in which this could be kept to minimum; and

(3)investigating the possibility of Museum artefacts being displayed elsewhere whilst the Museum was being renovated.

I've no idea what happened at the next meeting, as one of the reasons I stood down was lack of time to attend meetings.

Anonymous said...

the museum does not conform with disabled access so is under modification and when reopens a new major collection will be on display.
timing is everything, but not to this service it appears.

Anonymous said...

obviously they don't want riff-raff like folks from the celtic festival visiting...HOWEVER if it was the rangers festival...

Anonymous said...

Amen brother