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Monday, July 23, 2007

Late sailings from Ullapool

I'm pleased to see Angus MacNeil asking the CalMac Board to provide late sailings from Ullapool on a Saturday so that our sports teams can get home, after a full days competition on the mainland.

I hope he is successful, but the track record is not good. IIRC, Alasdair Morrison asked CalMac to consider this at least twice, and the Comhairle the same number of times. We were all ignored.

Of course, on the issue of Sunday ferries, CalMac are waiting for the Comhairle to invite them to provide the service (translation: we don't want the blame) whilst on late evening ferries from Ullapool "service issues are a matter for CalMac" (translation: go away).

Perhaps Angus MacNeil should raise this with the Convener, who is a non-exec director of CalMac next time they meet, and formulate a joint approach with the Chair of Transport, Mr Manford.

Or perhaps this should be Mr Allans campaign, as it is a devolved issue. Does he mind Mr MacNeil stealing his thunder (does he have any choice in the matter?)

Best of luck, but don't forget the CalMac mission statement: "The passengers will not impede the smooth operation of the vessels"


Unknown said...

One very minor thing that would be nice would be for CalMac to stop considering Sunday to be part of the 5 days they use for selling cheap 5-day returns. A ticket for the Stornoway to Ullapool ferry is useless on any of the ones that do sail on Sunday, and it would save a few folk some cash without too much loss to CalMac, I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

I should hope they wouldn't!

AIF said...

And how about a 52/365 refund for all gym memberships? I'd get £4.70 back every month of the year, enough for a couple of Sunday afternoon pints.