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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, July 30, 2007


Neverhappendum, more likely.

Excellent sources tell me that the SNP nationally have ruled out any possibility of a referendum on the proposed wind farm developments in Lewis.

I understand that the Ministers have told our MSP that holding a referendum on a planing issue would set a precedent*, and they are not prepared to allow it to go ahead on that basis.

Nor, I am told, will any of the Public Inquiries be time-limited, as it is not legal to do so*.

Interestingly, the Ministers (or their representatives) seem to be trying to backtrack on the decision in Harris, telling different stories to different people about whether the letter confirming a PLI on North Harris actually means that a PLI will go ahead. Perhaps this is what Angus MacNeil meant when he said he would have a word with the Minister to get him to change a legally binding decision?

I also understand that those involved with the community schemes in Barra and Uist are (quietly, at present) furious about having to find funding for a PLI, and for jumping through the hoops imposed by SNH, who are going to object anyway, and will demand a PLI.

* I unsuccessfully tried to give this advice to the local SNP almost two years ago.


Anonymous said...

A referendum probably would probably be a bad idea. The ruction that would undoubtedly be created over whether the whole of the Western Isles should vote, or just the communities directly 'affected', what the question should be, exactly how it is phrased, etc ad nauseum, would end up as another five years of letters in the Gazette, and then the Executive might ignore the result anyway.

Not keen on a Public Inquiry of any description either. A waste of time and money (much like the applications themselves).

A simple NO to the LWP wind factory would be good. The BMP/Pairc proposals are slightly less appalling (only slightly, mind), but as long as the people in the areas affected are against them, I believe they should not proceed and that other avenues should be explored asap, i.e. wave/tidal/causeway schemes. Community windfarm schemes are a different kettle of fish altogether.

Forcing the overnight unwelcome industrialisation of their island on communities is not going to make for a happy place to live, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Some would say a very naive promise made by our MSP in the run-up to being elected, others would say another empty and broken promise to be filed away with RET. Either way there are many who won't be happy with this decision.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for a referendum, The SNP were elected to govern, they should have the guts to get on with it and take the consequences or the plaudits for their decisions.
I am against the Lewis Wind Farm but if the decision was taken to proceed then I think it should just be accepted and lets make the best out of what is available, the last thing we need is for this to be drawn out any further.

Angus said...

Reiver, if you do not mind, I will bastardise what you said to repeat what I said repeatedly from the Chair....

I am for the Lewis Wind Farm but if the decision was taken to refuse then I think it should just be accepted and let's make the best out of what is available, the last thing we need is for this to be drawn out any further.

This was the view of the Council majority of the Comhairle, and EVERYONE agreed about a PLI being the worst outcome.

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike of fools seldom differ?

Angus said...

At least we'll both do the best for the islands, whatever the outcome.

Anonymous said...

i remember, Angus, I was there L.S