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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Loss of the constituency

The Boundary Commission for Scotland is to review all the constituency boundaries to make sure that the MSPs represent similar size constituencies.

"The review of constituencies will cover the 70 mainland constituencies and the Western Isles constituency. The Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands are excluded from the constituency review by the terms of the 2004 Act."

Constituency sizes are expected to be 54,500, it looks like we will be amalgamated into a bigger mainland ward.

Update 17:45 - Population of the Western Isles: 26,350. Population of Orkney: 20,000. Population of Shetland: 22,000. Electorate Western Isles: 21,873. Electorate Orkney & Shetland: 33,397.

Orkney and Shetland split up as constituencies to become small enough not to be 'reorganised'. Perhaps we need Uist & Barra to demand a separate constituency from Lewis & Harris.

Given the 'fabulous' job that was done on the Council wards, anyone who believes they can do better, can apply here for the job. It might prove to be a more secure employment than that of MSP.


Anonymous said...

Talking of MPs I wonder if our MP is on a freebie to Rhodes or is he at Westminster.

Anonymous said...

Given that our local parties have forsaken local independance for centralised need, would it make much difference?
It could be argued that CNES would have to be a far more effective body, with more democratic accountability rather than taking decisions based on religon rather than need.

By the way has anyone seen the state of the Bayhead pitch, what an absolute disgrace, imagine having to take a baler to cut grass on an area which has just has 100 of thousands of pounds spent on it.

Anonymous said...

TBH I don't think we'll notice the difference, as our current MP and MSP are so ineffectual as to be invisible