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Monday, July 02, 2007

Wormery update

The wormery went double-decker this weekend. As the food waste is turned into soil improver, and lower tray fills up. After a while the tray reaches full and a new one is inserted, into which the waste is dropped.

Each tray has holes in the bottom to allow the worms to migrate up and down - did you expect stairs or a lift? - and hopefully they will finish level one and move up gradually to level two. In another six weeks or so, level three goes on.

Six weeks after that, the bottom tray is compost for use directly in the garden, and there should be a some liquid fertilizer in the very bottom where a tap allows me to harvest the highly concentrated worm output (for want of a better word).

Dinner for worms
The roof garden is in place, and no planning permission required. The little crawlers are busy breeding furiously, I hope, and will need expansion space for the new thousand additions to their family.

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Anonymous said...

The liquid fertiliser is known as 'tea'. Watch out for a community wormery and composting operation starting in Uist in the next few months.