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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Island Games

Having been (rightly) accused of ignoring the Island Games, taking place in Rhodes, I can only say in my defence that "I don't do sports" - other than rugby internationals. And Scotland in the World Cup (just for the sense of desperation and anti-climactic despair).

So congratulations to our six medalists: the Men's football team, Eve Carrington (high jump and triple jump), Eilidh MacKenzie (1500m and Gold in the 800m) and Doleen Galbraith & Shona Morrison (Team Marathon).

I cribbed this from the Gazette website as the Rhodes site doesn't seem to have any results, but it does have a very strange stag-night style inflatable deer type mascot.


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, congratulations to all the medalists and the others that took part, unfortunately their success is in spite of the preperation of the last two years not because of it.
Our athletes were shocked that it was hot in Rhodes, suprising that.
The tracksuits that were purchased were that thick they were more suitable for Rodel than Rhodes. These are only two examples of a long list.
The World Island games should, like Shetland, be the catylst for multiple participation in diverse sporting activity in the Island bringing with it the health and social benefits that we know exist.
Two years ago we should have been working to ensure that we had competitors in Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis, why did we have no entrants in these sports four years after joining the World Island Games?.
The Athletics team is successfull because Stornoway Running and Athletic Club and North Uist Athletic Club have good coaches who place first value on multiple participation not elitism. Football dominates sport in the Island but such emphasis is placed on it that it destroys other sports. To much emphasis is placed on the elite side of football rather than just getting people out playing.
Every year over 100 kids try out for the Nicholson football team out of which a squad of 20 or so are chosen, the rest are told they are not good enough and most of them give up sport all together. If there are 100 kids wanting to play football then 100 should be allowed to play football even if it means the Nicholson don't win a cup.
You can only generate elite success by encouraging more and more to participate, this just doesn't happen.
Stornoway running club does a fantastic job encouraging athletes of all ages and abilities, and the majority of those athletes came through the system but not at the expense of those less talented.
The Island games is a terrific opportunity to promote sport and it's associated benefits at the grassroots in every sport.This opportunity has been lost over the past four years and those in charge need to sit up and take notice

This is no real criticism of those people working on the ground either paid or voluntary but rather a go at those in positions of authority who can change things but only turn up for photo shoots.

Grassroots Sport in the Western Isles has not changed because of the World Island Games and those in charge should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Well done Reiver - you've managed to turn a superb achievement by our athletes into a big moan. Isn't that typical.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the individuall performances, look at the overall team performance and tell me that it was an improvment on Shetland, Compare our results with other Islands,
Look at whats going on at grass roots level and tell me that more people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to participate.
By all means celebrate the success of those that did well, including those that had great personnal performances but did not medal, but that doesn't change that there is something wrong at grass roots level.

Anonymous said...

I agree with reiver, we should make sport more accessible in the islands at all levels. Yes we did well in Rhodes but could we have done better? Also, sport is not just about winning it is needed to keep our population healthy.