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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Paranoid Tendancy

Assiduous readers will have noticed that when I have attacked anti-Arab generalisations then I have been painted as anti-Semitic, probably on the basis that 'my enemies enemy is my friend'. What has been absent has been any substantive comment on the actual content.

This trick is as old as the book, and demonstrates that the complainer is desperate to deflect the readers thoughts from the real issues.

Most of the paranoid seem unable to understand the concept of political comment, or the phrase 'a plague on all their houses'.

I have noticed that any comments which I have made that can be construed as being adverse to the Labour Party, the Westminster Government or indeed the former MP or MSP have been met with silence, argument or supportive comment in fairly equal measure.

As soon as there is a suggestion (however wrong!) that what I write might be interpreted as adverse to our MP, MSP, the SNP or the Holyrood Government I am told either:
* I shouldn't attack the SNP, as I used to be a member
* I shouldn't attack the SNP, as they are the Government
* It's not their fault
* They are going to be better than the last lot
* You're wrong and bitter, and that's why you're so good at finding faults

When I praise the SNP, then - of course - I am right.

I am going to continue to criticise and praise everyone in authority on any matter that affects the Western Isles and those who are most prominent will get the most coverage - it is their highly paid job, after all - and laugh hysterically behind my hands when the paranoia kicks in.

Let's see who is most irritated by the picture of Our Glorious Leader....
when Gordon Brown met Alex Salmond


Anonymous said...

Angus' decision not to stand as an SNP Councillor in 2007 was sent in a letter to all SNP members in early 2006, and is still on his website.

No-one can suggest it is anything other than a clear statement of intent, so why do the local SNP continue to suggest his decision was sudden or unexpected?

Why are they so scared of him and his undoubted abilities?

Anonymous said...

Now now Angus, self praise is no praise at all!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Paranoia or arrogance Angus.
The SNP seem to think it's all about them.

Anonymous said...

I would normally let your bad spelling pass without comment but I can only hold out so long!
Is it your brilliance with numbers that causes you deficiency with letters.

Anonymous said...

I notice nobody commented on our glorious leader... actually as an SNP voter all my life it pains me to say he is doing a good job against tremendous odds. Mind you I met jonathan Aitken the other week (yes, tha$$ jonathan Aitken)and had to say similar to him about Maggie (MAGGIE MAGIE,OUT, OUT, OUT!)- sorry automatic reaction!- compared with TONY