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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gorgeous George

The full transcript of his speech yesterday is now available, and I whole heartedly recommend that everyone read it fully to understand the power of oratory and the ability of the man.

I have no idea whether or not Mr Galloway is a rogue, knave or just an enormous pain in the backside to Executive who are out to get him, but the holes and errors that he highlights deserve further investigation.

His Congress appearance is also worth another view.

I think that British Politics is much, much the better for his existence compared to the bland clones infesting both benches. Unlike (faux) faux buffons like Boris Johnston, he is able to project a theatrical approach to serious debate, make his points with a killer instinct and with exquisite delivery. I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of him.

But his Big Brother appearance was definitely a mistake.


Anonymous said...

I have always (most of the time, anyway) admired and for the most part trusted him, although one or to things he has done in the past year have angered me.

Anonymous said...

Have just read through the transcript - they fairly railroaded him out the door didn't they.

Anonymous said...

The man is an excellent politician and knows how to work in the stifle of Westminster with its daft traditions. Lang may his lum reek!

Unknown said...

I suppose you prefer entertainment in Parliament to politics. Perhaps you should stick with the boob tube and Celebrity Big Brother, since you express no opinion at all in regards to his theft of millions of dollars from starving Iraqi children, and instead praise him for being entertaining. No doubt your ignorance is to blame on the British educational system, what with their progressive reforms teach you entertainment instead of history.


Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, the fellow is a rogue.

Yes, his oratory skills are virtually unmatched in the House, which he uses to devastating effect.

But, like his fellow loud-mouthed Scott, Tommy Sheridan - who also hides behind the façade of being a 'spokesman for the people' - George has eyes only for himself.

Is this not the man who returned from Greece, knowing full well he was to face questions about his dodgy financial accounting as General Secretary of War on Want, only to declare his infidelity to the press as a diversionary tactic? Has he no shame? Nope!

It looks like history repeating itself with the Mariam Campaign - he's still to explain how his wife's account has benefited from large sums diverted from the 'oil for food' project.

He is an astonishing and entertaining performer, yes, but to my mind he is an evil, evil man.

Angus said...

In case any assumes that polina is some kind of disinterested party, I have had a look at her online opinion page, which she mercilessly plugs.

FYI, it is anti-Arab, anti-Hispanic, anti-South American, indeed let me go so far as to say, anti-everyone beyond the shores of the Good 'Ol US of A*.

As the blog comments, without the slightest trace of irony or self-knowledge, "God bless America for its indulgence of certifiable nut jobs. How could the world hate us so? If Al-Qaeda and European schadenfreude had its way, and America collapsed, where would the crazies live?".

As those who can read will realise, I made it clear that I don't know if Galloway is a Rogue or a Knight in Shinning Armour. I do know that he is extremely litigious (and successful with it) and it has never been proven that he was responsible for the "theft of millions of dollars from starving Iraqi children". Presumably, on a day when he was taking a break from mugging pensioners and abusing cripples.

However, he is one of the greatest orators I have ever heard, combining incisive comment with wit.

He also has made some spectacular errors of judgement -- but then haven't we all :-)

For the record, I have never watched Big Brother.

* That is the Greater USA which includes Israel, and everyone who disagrees with their loopy views are de facto anti-Semitic.

Richard Havers said...

Too much show business, not enough business from GG.