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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Public Local Inquiry

Clisham, HarrisThe three turbines proposed by the North Harris Trust for Ardhasaig have been referred to a Public Local Inquiry by the Scottish Executive.

The grounds appear to be (and the letter is very vague about the reality of the situation): -
* There may be an impact on the National Scenic Area, and
* The development may conflict with the Comhairle Structure Plan.

What bloody nonsense. This is merely an excuse to avoid taking any decisions on a contentious issue.

* The NSA will be affected. Of course it will. But as salmon farm applications in the area have an impact on the NSA, does this mean they will be called in?
* The Comhairle considered this carefully before we came to a decision

The logical outcome is quite clear, BMP and LWP will also go to a public inquiry. I look forward to being called to attend and have my say!

But let's consider the following outcomes from this decision:
* A cost to the Comhairle of over £100,000 to attend EACH inquiry
* The first Inquiry won't happen until the Beauly-Denny inquiry finishes, probably 2008
* What is the impact on every other potential development in Harris?
* Who pays for the legal bills for North Harris Trust to attend the Inquiry and submit evidence?
* As the windfarm is a key part of the viability of the charitable Trust, how will the Trust continue it's good work?
* What is the impact of this on EVERY other community renewable development? Let's start with the planned community windfarm in South Uist, which is also in the NSA.

I am utterly appalled by this, which I have long warned is the worst possible option or all, being a recipe for prevarication, delay and indecision. Remember Lingerbay, anyone?

Moreover, the proposed PLI is NOT time limited - as we were repeatedly promised it would be by our MP and MSP - and as a result, the lawyers will undoubtedly draw it out even further. I'm angry and disappointed, but not surprised.


Anonymous said...

This is classic "fear of failure" and not something we should expect or accept from our MP's, MSP's or any branch of local gov.

Anonymous said...

It's our MP and MSP to blame. If they had had any sensible thoughts about their opposition to the windfarms they would have realised that they were opposing the community schemes with their opportunistic behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Donald Manford suggested on the Lesley Riddoch programme today that because of the area's classification there may be a legal reason for the enquiry,
anyone any ideas?

Angus said...

The Executive have the absolute right to call for a PLI (as do the Comhairle) without giving any reasons.

It is up to the Executive to justify why they called for a PLI when the Committee unanimously supported a community scheme, having taken regard of the legal designations. The same is true of the other windfarm applications, yet Mr Manford is/(was) a vocal supporter of them.

BTW, isn't my good friend Mr Manford the most vocal opponent of designations in Barra - Barra Bunnies, seals in the Sound?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:41, sounds to me as if Donald Manford has sold out.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Comhairle should now refuse to consider any further wind power developments until it becomes clear whether Edinburgh is going to put them all up for PLI. Why waste the money and time when the decision of the Comhairle is just going to be ignored?

Anonymous said...

this is getting boring. we need another anti MSP , MP comment soon or this website will self destruct.

Anonymous said...

"The logical outcome is quite clear, BMP and LWP will also go to a public inquiry"

Did you seriously expect them not to go to a public inquiry? It was stated, years ago, that if SNH objected to the LWP wind factory, there would automatically be a PI. Politicians can take a long time to announce things though.

Added to which the piece in this week's Gazette, re. over 700 landowning crofters on the Barvas & Galson estates in absolute opposition to the Amec plan, and their determination to fight it tooth and nail, means effectively that the LWP scheme at least has no chance whatsoever of proceeding. Amec - sorry I meant Amen - to that!

Anonymous said...

Glad you brought up Lingarabay, Angus. Hope this (and all major windfarm projects) meets the same outcome as the superquarry.